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Travel Program – Rising 8th & 9th Grade

(2 week sessions available)

“It is hard to find quality and fun programs for middle school aged children. After years of ‘traditional’ camp, my daughter wanted to do something different. The CNC Travel Program offered us a fresh and new approach to the summer camp program. My daughter loved traveling to different outdoor activities every day, her two favorite activities were caving and white water rafting.

Mary Butler, mother of 9th grade Travel Program camper

The Travel Program is Camp Kingfisher’s premier adventure-based camp for rising 8th and 9th graders. Day trips are packed with fun, personal challenge, and team building! We hope all of our Travel Program campers will have fun exploring natural wonders in Georgia, discover their connection to nature, and build strong character.

Will you opt for woodland excursions in the “Made for the Mountains” trek or will you dip your feet in the water on the “Riverbank Adventures” trek? Read more about each trek below.

Made for the Mountains Trek

North Georgia is home to amazing natural treasures: mountain top views, stunning waterfalls, twisting caves, and beautiful forest trails. The “Made for the Mountains” trek gives young teens a chance to explore and learn about these great places.

Campers will learn the basics of hiking, mountain biking, caving, camping, and fire building with the help of our expert vendors and counselors.

Each trek includes 1 offsite overnight in a Georgia State Park or in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

  • Made for the Mountains 2016 Dates
    • Session 2T: June 20-July 1
    • Session 4T: July 25-August 5

tp2Highlighted Activity: Caving at Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Our caving trek takes place at Raccoon Mountain Caverns in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  On the 2-hour introductory expedition, campers will do some walking, some stoop walking, some crawling (nothing real small or too tight), and see beautiful fossils contained within the rock walls of the cave. Helmets, lights, pads, and gloves are provided; but, remember, wear clothes and shoes that can get muddy and trashed at the end.

Riverbank Adventures Trek

The Chattahoochee River flows from north of Helen all the way through Atlanta and past Columbus. The “Riverbank Adventures” trek connects young teens to the beauty, ecology, and awesome recreation opportunities the river provides.

Campers will develop all the skills necessary to navigate rivers and lakes by canoe, paddleboard, and kayak. Proficient (not expert) swimming skill is a must for this trek.

Each trek includes 1 offsite overnight in a Georgia State Park or in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

  • Riverbank Adventures 2016 Dates
    • Session 1T: June 6-17
    • Session 3T: July 11-22

Highlighted Activity: River Snorkeling at the Conasauga River

After a short orientation, campers plunge into the clear (and sometimes chilly) mountain water in search of fish. Campers generally see schools of sunfish, bass, and darters but the lucky ones spot the freshwater gar, an armored fish with a snout like a swordfish. The snorkeling destination is actually a unique ecological area, boasting over 60 unique species of fish. The activity is supervised by our counselors, one of whom is a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard.

How big are the groups?

Travel Program campers are signed up based on a 1:5 counselor-to-camper ratio. Groups generally have 10 campers and 2 counselors. In rare cases, we will increase the ratio to a maximum of 1:6.

What’s the average day like?

Travel Program trip hours are outlined in the weekly schedule received at least 1 week before your session date. The average day will last 8-9 hours, generally beginning at 9:00am. You may always drop off as early as 8:00am, and pick up as late as 6:15pm. In the event of a different start time, we will let you know in advance. If we will be late returning because of an activity going long, the counselor who is not driving (or your camper) will call each parent and let them know that we will be returning at a different time than indicated on the schedule.

Who are the counselors?

Travel Program counselors are experienced outdoor adventurers and experienced at working with teenage campers. Counselors must be at least 21 years of age and complete Camp Kingfisher’s 7 day staff training process. For more information, please visit our staff page.


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