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Explore Your Watershed

Photos Credit: David Batley

Step into the unseen world of our watershed in the Chattahoochee Nature Center’s premier exhibit- Explore Your Watershed. This exciting exhibit transports you to the home of the plants and animals of the Chattahoochee River Watershed.

Take a Closer Look

Just as a watershed encompasses rivers, wetlands and forests, this exhibit takes you from the watery depths of the Chattahoochee through the wetlands and deep into the forests. Hands-on activities, live animal exhibits and whimsical scenes guides you on your journey as you discover the intricate web of life that makes a healthy watershed.

Just a few things to do:

  • Walk under a beaver dam
  • Get up close and personal with native fish and turtles
  • See into a frog’s home
  • Make a splash in the Rivers Flow water game
  • Meet snakes, opossums, owls and more!
  • Test your bird call skills