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Welcome to the Nature Exchange!

Welcome to the Nature Exchange!

The Nature Exchange is THE place to indulge your natural curiosity. Thousands of natural objects from around the world are waiting to be discovered and you can even take them home for your special nature collection. Learn how Here

The Nature Exchange is open during regular Chattahoochee Nature Center operating hours and is included with admission. Trading ends at 4:30 pm. CNC members can visit the Nature Exchange for  free.

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Did you know that the Nature Exchange at the Chattahoochee Nature Center has its own Facebook page? Keep up with what is happening in the Nature Exchange including new cool objects for trade, extra point opportunities and project ideas and more! Like Us Now!

Monthly Programs

Hibernation Stations

Throughout December

Get ready for cooler weather like an animal! Crawl inside our “den” and hibernate like a bear, check your skills at our “hibernate or migrate” game, and help create our giant hibernation mural

Migration Game

Throughout December

Learn about migration through game play! You’ll follow caribou as they cross the arctic on their seasonal migration. Will you be able to make the trek?

Simple Machines, Big Tasks

Throughout January

We explore physics through simple machines and learn about examples of simple machines in nature. You’ll leave knowing new words like plane, pulley, fulcrum, and more. Then, make your own mini-catapult to take home.

Sled Races

Throughout January

Experiment with incline planes and friction as you race toy sleds. As scientists do, you’ll want to repeat your experiment to get solid results, so be ready to race!

Snowflakes under ‘Scopes

Throughout February

The beauty of snowflakes is revealed under microscopes. Peek into the scope to see some of the structures that make snowflakes so magical.

Falling Snowflakes

Throughout February

Snowflakes fall from the sky, sometimes fast, and sometimes slower. Get ready to experiment with snowflake shapes and study which of our snowflakes falls fastest. We will even have a public chart where you can share your results.

Ice Ice Baby

Throughout February

Did you know that there are numerous ways water forms crystals? Did you ever wonder why no two snowflakes look the same? Stop by our Ice Crystal Station to see some of the shapes that make up snowflakes.

Ongoing Winter Activities

December – February

Winter Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

This quarter, we will be searching for the sights and sounds of winter along one of our forested trails. Start in Nature Exchange to pick up a scavenger hunt and earn NEX points for each find!

Winter Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Each month, stop by Nature Exchange and pick up our themed indoor scavenger hunt. The more items you find, the more NEX points you can earn!

Special Winter Break Activities

The Season of Giving

December 22-24, 26-31

Give back this holiday season through CNC! We are hosting a food/coat/toy drive benefitting North Fulton Community Charities. Bring in an item and receive NEX points/discount for your donation. Then, join us for a bonus Creature Feature at 11am daily.

Toasty Theatre Treats

January 2-7, 3pm

We received new films for the holiday season and we would like to share them with you! Warm up and catch a nature film in our theatre. A new film each day.

Craft Week

February 20-24, 11am daily

Craft week is back! Join us daily in the Cowie-Weiss Theatre for a wintery craft each day. Parent participation is welcomed!

And don’t forget about these fun on-going activities:

Reading Rewards Program

Read your favorite books and earn Nature Exchange points at the same time! Find out how and to download a printable reading log here.

Home School Mondays

Join us for nature and science classes just for home school students. For more information, click here.

Watchable Wildlife Backpacks

More fun, more finds and more nature awaits you when you check out a Watchable Wildlife Backpack. Seven different themes to choose from. Learn more here.

Meet our Nature Exchange Naturalists


Andrew started at the Chattahoochee Nature Center as a docent when he was 16 years old. He went out into the world to learn about riparian zones and controlling rain water run-off. He brings his love and ever growing knowledge of nature to the Nature Exchange.




Brian is a proud Eagle Scout and has always been involved with the outdoors. He grew up in South Florida among the Everglades and at the beach, and was active hiking, camping, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. Now after 35 years in Georgia he continues to enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing and rafting with his daughters as they grow.



Kim comes to Nature Exchange from CNC’s Education and Wildlife Departments!