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Cub and Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Scout Programs

CNC offers programs for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of all ages! Take part in one of our 1 ½ hour programs where scouts can earn Achievements, Electives, and Badges. Each program will involve the scouts in hands-on activities in the outdoors and will include a visit with one of our non-releasable animals!

Or take part in one our Cub Scout night-time experiences! We will work on Electives, Belt Loops, and Badges as well as enjoying a night out under the stars.

Looking for volunteer opportunities? We can work with you to try to find something to meet your needs!

Need assistance funding your nature experience? In memory of Will Alexander, CNC has a scholarship fund for Cub and Boy Scouts to help provide scout programs to those who need financial assistance. Please let us know when you are booking a program if you would like to utilize this fund.