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Naturally Artistic Interactive Exhibits

Returning Fall 2018

Visit 4 outdoor art stations to view some of the CNC’s most picturesque locations. You’ll create your own art at each area.

Naturally Artistic Interactive Exhibits are Included with General Admission and FREE to CNC Members.

Forest Frames

What is beautiful to you? Move the frames until you land on a scene that is beautiful to you. Step closer or further back to “zoom” for your image. Use your smartphone to share your image with us @sighted_on_the_127

Garden Rainbow

Match the mounted color blocks to colors in the garden! Move the sticks around the garden to find flowers and leaves that match the color. You’ll find a rainbow to explore!

Recycled Rhythm

Bring some music into our nature center by using the instruments. You can even listen for any echoes you may hear coming across the Kingfisher Pond. Can you make any animal sounds with the instruments? Use your smartphone to share your musical talents with us @sighted_on_the_127

Rest and Reflect

Have a seat and get sketching! Use the markers and whiteboard to draw your favorite reflection you see over the pond. Use your smartphone to share your image with us @sighted_on_the_127

For more information about Naturally Artistic, contact us at 770-992-2055 x238