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Plant Conservation at CNC

Alabama Leather Flower.
Clematis Socialis
Alabama Leather Plant

Photo Credit:
Henning Von Schmeling

Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance

As members of the GPCA, the Chattahoochee Nature Center is involved in several projects. Most recently, we have been growing the federally endangered Alabama Leather flower; a plant recently discovered in Georgia. In the wild there are only five small patches left in Georgia and we are propagating this plant from divisions and cuttings to in order to return them to their native habitat.

torreya taxifoliaIn 2007, CNC planted 100 young Alabama Leather flower plants on to two sites managed by the Nature Conservancy. This project was funded by a grant from the GA Department of Natural Resources Non-game Division (GADNR). With their help, we are insuring this and other species survive in the wild while maintaining plants at CNC.

CNC has also been a part of other GADNR funded projects to propagate the White top pitcher plant (Sarracenia leucophylla) and Stinking Cedar (Torreya taxifolia). For more information about the GPCA please visit