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EarthShare Georgia


Free Play Area and Fairy Village


Let your imagination run wild in the Free Play area. The area is the perfect stage for your own nature adventure.

While visiting the free play area, take a few minutes to add to our fairy village. What is a fairy village you ask? A fairy village is a place where folks use their imagination to create structures, furniture and gardens for fairy visitors.


Fairy Village Guidelines:

  • Houses can only be built in the free play area
  • Only natural materials found on the ground like pine cones, rocks and twigs may be used in construction
  • No items from living plants or animals may be used (please do not strip the leaves from the trees or pick the flowers)
  • Do not collect nature materials in gardens
  • Do not walk on plants or through gardens
  • Do not take materials from standing houses. If the house has fallen and looks like no one has been around in a while, items may be reused.
  • CNC is not responsible for the natural, supernatural or man made damage done to the houses