A Good Bye to Barbara Reeves

For Barbara: “ I have one power. I never give up.”

By Debby Head, Camp Kingfisher Director

This winter the Chattahoochee Nature Center said goodbye to a longtime volunteer and friend, Barbara Reeves. Barbara started volunteering at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in 1989. She dabbled in a bit of everything here at CNC; teaching, fixing bio-facts, face painting at festivals, and designing artwork for many departments. Barbara Reeves was a lifelong naturalist, teacher, artist and fighter.  She was the creative force behind the Camp Kingfisher shirts for over a decade.
In the beginning Barbara simply “cleaned up” designs that had already been chosen. After a few years our team discovered the amazing talent that Barbara had, and asked her to share her original artwork through our camp shirts (2010 was her first original design). Every year we would sit down with her and tell her our ideas and she then would research and create amazingly detailed artwork. As the years went on Barbara’s designs got more and more elaborate. Throughout the fight for her life she always made sure our camp shirt had a design. In one of my last conversations with Barbara she assured me we would get one more shirt. Well Barbara with a little help from the archives we got it! This summer we honor Barbara’s legacy with this year’s Camp Kingfisher shirt dedicated in her memory.
If you ever wish to see the progression of Barbara’s amazing artwork all you have to do is look around CNC. Outside the camp office we have all of the shirts (from 1996-2017) framed, the bats carved into the bat exhibit down by the pavilion, as well as the large animals painted outside of Kingfisher Hall (the gym), and artwork in several classrooms are all pieces of Barbara’s collection here at the CNC.
Our Scholarship fund has been re-named in honor of Barbara Reeves.  She was a woman who stood for exploring and enjoying the outdoors. Nature education was her passion and driving force. She loved teaching and sharing her vast knowledge with children of all ages. The Barbara Reeves scholarship will give full and partial scholarships to campers who may otherwise not get the opportunity to attend Camp Kingfisher.
If you are interested in donating to the Barbara Reeves scholarship to help send a child to Camp Kingfisher, information can be found here.