“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Changes to our Newsletter

When you go out and they ask if you would like a straw, do you say yes or no? Paper or plastic? Bottled water or a reusable mug? Every little decision we make on a daily basis adds up when each one of us does it. That plastic straw, used by millions of us once and then thrown away every day, ends up in landfills and the oceans (and rivers!) for centuries, clogging the waterways and harming plant and animal life. “Recycling is important, but it’s only one part of a broader conversation,” said CNC Education Director Tom Howick. “I can refuse to take a plastic straw from restaurant, but what about everyone else who takes one and throws it away? It takes all of us working together to make change and an impact.”

Don’t forget – in the Three R’s, Recycling is last for a reason. Reduce waste and Reuse products are first because they can have a bigger impact on the world, eliminating the need for recycling.

Here at CNC, we try to be good stewards of the environment around us. The river depends on our actions just as much as those of the metro Atlanta community.

“Almost two-thirds of the metropolitan area gets their water from the river. The population is only going up, but there’s no new water coming from the Chattahoochee,” said Howick. “As Atlanta’s interpretive center for the Chattahoochee River, it’s our responsibility to inform others how to
live a sustainable and river-friendly life. But we also have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

Every dollar spent on printing and mailing the newsletter is one less for helping injured wildlife or connecting a student to the wonders of nature. We will continue sending out our weekly emails filled with upcoming program information, as well as a special members-only e-newsletter every quarter. For those who wish it, we will still print some copies of the newsletter.

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