Celebrate Georgia STEM Day at CNC


This Friday, May 4, is Georgia STEM Day, a day to celebrate science, technology, engineering, and math across the state. Here at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, we are committed to bringing educational programs and events that encourage all ages to engage in new activities that broaden the way they view the world around them. To celebrate all the achievements in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields, we welcome the community to learn more about our Eco Tinker Interactive Exhibit.


Eco Tinker, which runs through May 31, is a collection of five stations all focused on the theme of water, how it moves, and how it is used. Have you ever wondered how water moves through a watershed? Or maybe you have seen bugs “walking” on water? But how do they do that? In the spirit on expanding your mind and challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, Eco Tinker will help you solve the answers to these questions, and more! Check out the five exhibits you can visit:


  • Watershed Water Wall – play wall where kids can watch water flow through different elements that mimic elements of a watershed
  • Aqua Mandalas – water-inspired art – draw a mandala on dissolving paper and watch it disappear!Attention!
  • Water Tension – design “water striders” out of paperclips and get them to float on the surface of water
  • Cleaning the Chattahoochee – studying the technology used to clean the river
  • Captivating Capillary Action – looking at how capillary action works in plants by watching water move against gravity up tubes of various dimensions

Learn more about Georgia STEM Day here.


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