Changing Colors in the Fall

Fall is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature as it makes its dramatic change in preparation for winter. It also seems to be one of the busiest seasons for different school and recreation activities. Be sure to make time this fall, between football and everything else, to just enjoy the beauty of nature.


Do you know why we see such beautiful colors on the trees in the fall?  In preparation for winter, trees stop the process of photosynthesis.  Basically, the trees stop feeding the leaves so they die and fall to the ground.  There are a few exceptions, however. The first obvious exception is the evergreens which stay green year round.  Another exception is the American Beach tree – the leaves will turn brown but will stay on the tree until the next spring, and once the new leaves start to sprout the dead leaves will fall off.

There are a ton of great activities that you and your kids can do to enjoy the leaves this fall:
  • Go on a hike and enjoy the beauty of the colors, North Georgia is especially pretty this time of year.  Don’t have the time to go that far? Vickery Creek is a great local hiking spot as well as Gold Branch, Island Ford and of course CNC.
  • Have a good old fashioned leaf pile jump contest.  Who in your family can make the biggest “splash?” Who can make the smallest?
  •  There are crafts galore that you could do with the beautiful fall leaves.  What kind of animals can you construct using leaves?  Owls, hedgehogs, turkeys, fish, and quail; the possibilities are endless.

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