CNC welcomes new beavers to our wildlife family

beaver-2 The Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) is pleased to announce the addition of two young beavers to its wildlife family. The beavers will appear before the public for the first time Nov. 12 at 10 a.m. at our special Camille Creamer Beaver Habitat.

With the passing of the last exhibit beaver in December 2015, CNC’s Wildlife Department began an effort to locate a new pair of non-releasable beavers for CNC.

Finding new exhibit beavers (Castor canadensis) beaver-1 proved challenging. Due to their classification in Georgia as nuisance wildlife, coupled with their multi-generational living, beavers are rarely live-trapped.

In 2015, a beaver rehabilitator in Virginia received two kits who were orphaned after floods. The first was nearly 2 months old when it arrived in June with a limp right rear leg and damaged left rear foot webbing. The second was born very, very late in the season, and was only about 6 weeks old when it was found alone in a yard in September.

In October 2016, CNC received the okay from several governmental agencies to have the Virginia beavers transferred. In November they were moved down to their new home, the Camille Creamer Beaver Exhibit. With a 19,000 gallon pond to swim in and plenty of willow, oak and sycamore to feast upon, they have settled nicely into their new home.

Very special thanks to CNC’s mammal vet Dr. Brad Wilson of The Veterinary Clinic West and to Jose Creamer for his very generous donation to restore the beaver exhibit, named for his late wife, Camille Creamer.

All of dsc_0183the staff at CNC are excited to reopen the beaver exhibit thanks to the hard work of the Wildlife Department, Dr. Wilson and everyone who had a hand in bringing beavers back to CNC.

We hope you will join us in welcoming our new residents!sinopsis film

To help spread the excitement, please use the social media hashtag #welcomeCNCbeavers

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