Exercise: the natural way to a healthy, fun life!

Not only is exercising a great stress reliever, but it also provides numerous health benefits, both physically and mentally. The best part is that everyone benefits from doing physical activity, no matter their age, gender, or fitness level. There are many different ways to stay fit including running, biking, hiking, weight lifting, swimming or even joining a sports team or club. Here is a list of five major health advantages of staying active.

  1. Exercise keeps you in shape.

Regular exercise helps you lose weight and stay fit. Staying active also helps you shed extra weight in fat, and your metabolism will increase which will in turn make you less hungry and make it easier for you to stay fit.

  1. Exercise relieves stress and improves your mental health.

Study after study has proved that going out into nature eases stress and improves your mood. Spending time outdoors and staying active stimulates your brain and releases chemicals that make you feel happier and relaxed. Not to mention, being outside in nature’s beauty gives you a mental boost! Learning can be healthy AND fun!


  1. Exercise combats disease and reduces risk of cancer.

 Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, which directly decreases your chances of having cardiovascular disease. Exercise also helps prevent many health concerns including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and even arthritis. Physical activity also strengthens your joints and bones. The Journal of Nutrition recently published over 170 different studies that proved that regular physical activity even lowers risk of certain cancers.

  1. Exercise boosts your energy levels and helps you sleep.

 Regular physical activity helps increase your muscle strength and endurance. With better fitness and healthier heart and lung systems, you are able to tackle day-to-day activities with more energy. Additionally, regular exercise improves your sleep. You will fall asleep faster, and sleep sounder.

  1. Exercise improves your social life.

Exercise can be fun, enjoyable, and social! You are bound to connect with friends and family while you are getting out and staying active in many various ways!

Exercise has endless health benefits, and it is important to understand your fitness plan and target. Have a plan in place on how you intend to stay active to reach your end goal!

One way to get that exercise in is to come out on Saturday, March 18 to the Fifth Annual Water Drop Dash 5k Race along the beautiful banks of the Chattahoochee to support the North Metropolitan Water Planning District.

Be social, get outside and get active!

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