Vitamin ‘N’ For Nature Is Your Cure For the Winter Blues

At holiday time, we wonder what to give others. What will make our children (and us) happy, content, healthy and more relaxed? Perhaps, simply adding a dose of “Vitamin N,” that secret ingredient we call “Nature,” would enrich and enlighten our families while also making us all healthier.

Can you collect your thoughts in front of a TV? Rarely do people disconnect from the technology that distracts and destroys the very fiber of their relationships to each other. By reconnecting to nature, with a simple walk on a woodland trail, or along a river boardwalk, you can experience something healing and authentic.

Just ask a child what they love about playing outside.  It is that undiscovered rare moment, watching nature in action, like seeing a hawk fly overhead or a fish jump in a pond. It is watching a deer graze, or a butterfly on the flowers. As leaves change colors on trees, then fall for the winter, we see their architecture revealed. Winter has a beauty and simplicity, only observed when we go outside to enjoy it.

Taking a walk in the winter has many benefits for our health. We actually burn more calories in cold weather when we go outside and exercise. Connecting to nature has many other benefits – it can calm the spirit and give us time to think. It can also be a great way to be together when we get outside as families.

Get outside this winter to battle "nature deficit disorder!"
Get outside this winter to battle “nature deficit disorder!”

Giving the gift of Vitamin N is a treat. Consider taking your family out for a hike to one of the many places that Roswell has to offer, including the safe and easy trails at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, where there are also plenty of native wildlife to see as well as enriching activities to make the experience fun for everyone.

The Nature Center offers programs daily throughout the winter months. Visit the new beavers on exhibit. A gift of membership to CNC is a great idea. It can overcome that “nature deficit disorder,” which can result from too much time in front of TVs and other electronic devices. Check out these many possibilities at but take time to get yourself some Vitamin N!

The Mission of the Chattahoochee Nature Center is to connect people with nature. Learn more at