International Women’s Day at CNC!

Here at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, we are proud to have a staff dedicated to our mission of connecting people to nature. In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight the work and voices of some of the women who work at CNC. We have asked some of our staff to share how working at the nature center has impacted their lives, and what it means to them to be able to carry out the mission of connecting people to nature:


“I love working with an amazing tribe of strong, passionate women at CNC.  That’s what makes my job that much better.  Seeing strong women who believe in making a difference in their community.  Whether it’s in our Visitor Experience Manager who works on finding unique ways to connect our visitors to nature through exhibits and interpretive messages; whether it’s seeing CNC’s Camp Director making an impact in the lives of children (and young adults); or whether it’s seeing naturalists that work tirelessly with scouts and families – seeing strong women who have a passion for creating a better world for future generations makes me so proud to work at CNC.” – Rebecca Gilbert, Senior Community Programs Director 


“My joy at my job is that I am a mature woman who is still fit and able to work hard in the garden. In fact, I usually have more endurance than my younger counterparts.  But I always hope that guests, and volunteers and other employees will take encouragement from that and get out into the garden. If I can do it, they can do it.” – Julie Hollingsworth Hogg, Manager of Gardens and Horticulture 


“Working in the Wildlife Department at Chattahoochee Nature Center offers me the unique opportunity to utilize my scientific studies in combination with my passion for the natural world. Reintroducing people to the variety of wildlife found in their own neighborhoods and witnessing them gain an appreciation for it is the best part of my day.” – Kathryn Dudeck, Wildlife Director


“My grandmother is who I would credit for opening my eyes to the natural world. Her strong but gentle spirit helped me hear the birds sing, but also encouraged me to dig in the dirt to see what was living there. I have always wanted to do the same for others, and I’ve admired her for being so connected to nature.” – Alicia Evans, Visitor Experience Manager 


“I am honored to work at CNC to help promote the mission of connecting people to nature.  Our location, on the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, provides a unique opportunity to teach the importance of water to our daily lives – physically, mentally, spiritually and economically.” – DeAnn Fordham, Development Director


“One of my favorite memories here at CNC was seeing a group of elementary school girls not only excited for their canoe trip on the Chattahoochee River, but also supporting each other along the way. It was such a feel-good moment that I will never forget.” – Sophia Niemeyer, Marketing Assistant


How are you celebrating International Women’s Day? Or how as the nature center touched and influenced your life?


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