Make Memories at Camp Kingfisher

Summer is almost here, and of course that means that kids will be out of school and looking for summer fun. Come experience Camp Kingfisher at CNC this summer, and see what a “True Outdoor Nature-Camp” looks like. Adventuring and learning in nature is what summer is all about. Campers get to enjoy CNC’s 127 incredible acres and activities include hiking, swimming, seeing wildlife, canoeing, arts and crafts, educational activities and experiments and more.

A little known fact about Camp Kingfisher is that not only do campers love it, but so do our counselors. We have a very high retention rate each summer with our LITs (High School Leadership Training Program) coming back to become Junior Counselors, Counselors and even Head Counselors. This has facilitated an environment with long-lasting relationships. Here is what many of our long-time camp counselors have to say about their favorite experiences at Camp Kingfisher.

Morgan Leslie of Canton, current Sophomore at Mercer University, says her favorite memory from Camp Kingfisher is:

“I vividly remember one of my campers from Week 4 last summer. She spent hours drawing me a picture at home to give as gift the next day for being her favorite.” 

Christina Boyd of East Cobb, a current Sophomore at Wafford College, says her most memorable experience at Camp Kingfisher is:

“During the power outage we had at the Nature Center one day, the kids managed to still have fun and smile through all the indoor activities we improvised. They didn’t care where we were, they just wanted to be with us and each other.”

Hudson Tsay of East Cobb is a marketing major at the University of Georgia. He started off as an LIT when he attended Walton High School and has worked his way up to Head Counselor at Camp Kingfisher. Here is what he said about the impact Camp Kingfisher has had on him:

“Camp Kingfisher has given me a huge platform for my own personal growth and development while getting direct interaction with the kids. As an LIT, I honed in my leadership and public speaking skills. Camp Kingfisher each summer has managed to challenge me in new ways and strengthen my capacity. In all honesty our Assistant Camp Director Alexander [has had a lasting impact on me]. I aspire to have half the wit he does daily. The campers [bring me back every year] by far. They give me life and make my drive here exciting in the mornings.” 

Elena Weigelt of Canton is a Freshman at the University of North Georgia. She worked as an LIT for three summers while she attended Creekview High School and she has worked her way up to Junior Camp Counselor here at Camp Kingfisher. Here is what she has to say about her experience at Camp Kingfisher.

“Each summer I have developed valuable leadership skills which I can apply to many other aspects of life. I have also made memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. Each year I return, Camp Kingfisher has facilitated my growth as an individual. My LIT coordinator and now my boss, Debbie Head has made a big impact on my life. I have always looked up to her and her great love for camp. I am always grateful for the opportunity she gives me each summer to come back and work at my favorite place. The kids [keep me] coming in every morning. I enjoy every moment when I am able to put a smile on their faces, as it gives me a feeling that is irreplaceable. The Nature Center has always been an amazing place and I call it my second home.”

Drew King of Easton Cobb is a current Sophomore at Kennesaw State University. He attended Camp Kingfisher as a camper for 9 years and 2 more years as part of the travel program, then he worked one year as Junior Counselor and an additional year as a Counselor, making that a total of 16 years here at Camp Kingfisher.

“Camp Kingfisher has helped me build my character to be kind to others. It also has helped me to make stable friends that I still have today. Amy, the Camp Director at the time [made an impact on me and] was my favorite person at Camp. She was always happy and full of energy, and that is who I strive to model. When I was a kid, I enjoyed every activity and always had a blast at camp. I come back as a counselor to pass on the joy that my counselors brought me. [My favorite memory was when] it was superhero day when I was a Barn Owl. I wore a pretty solid Nature Nerd costume and was excited to try and win the costume competition. I came down with a cold in the middle of the day so Amy said I won the competition and gave me a prize which made me feel so much better.”

Camp Kingfisher is truly an incredible place that encourages personal growth, teamwork, and environmental stewardship in campers. Learn more here and registration is open here. Contact or call    770-992-2055 ext. 232 with any questions about Camp Kingfisher at CNC this summer!

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