Re-Discovering The Chattahoochee Nature Center

This post was submitted by Sophia, a local resident of the Roswell, GA area

About 10 years ago as a 7th grader, I visited the Chattahoochee Nature Center on a field trip. At the time, the nature center was much different than it is today. For example, the Discovery Center wasn’t even built yet. At the time it was just another field trip for me, I was excited to get out of school for at least part of the day and get outside. I wish I could remember more about that day, but I do recall walking some of the grounds and being struck by what an escape it was from the “city life” of the main Roswell area.

But sadly, for almost 10 years, I never came back, not even with my family, although we lived just minutes away. Luckily, that changed last summer when my sister got a job at the nature center this past summer. Because my family wanted to support my sister, we started coming out more frequently to visit. I could not believe I had forgotten what a relaxing escape the nature center was. There are multiple trails you can take, even one along the Chattahoochee River. It is also a great place for families of all ages to learn more about wildlife in the Roswell, GA area. Since my family and I knew we’d be coming back, we decided to join as members to take full advantage of the events going on all year at the nature center.

In the last year, the nature center has quickly become one of my favorite places in the North Atlanta area. Here are four reasons why I think the nature center is a great place to visit:

1. Variety of daily activities

Fairy Houses can be found in the forest!
Fairy Houses can be found in the forest!

Whether you are interested in walking/hiking or spending time learning more about the wildlife on the property, or both, you will be pleasantly happy! What I also like is the manageable size of the property, so you can easily make a day of it if you want, but if you only have a few hours you will still be able to take in a great experience

2. Summers at the nature center

Canoe on the Chattahoochee River!

Summer in Georgia can be hot, but it is worth braving the heat to come to the nature center! Plus there is so much to do! Some of my favorites are the Butterfly Encounter and Sunset Sips! But I am also looking forward to checking out the canoe trips, with the first one being April 22nd!

3. The Harvest on the Hooch

Yum yum! Harvest on the Hooch is tasty.

One of the largest events the nature center has all year, this is the event to be at in the Fall. Come hungry because there are multiple restaurants to sample food from, as well as music and activities. And you are supporting North Fulton Community Charities, a local charity in the area.

4. The Beaver Exhibit

Beavers enjoy swimming and playing.
Beavers enjoy swimming and playing.

In late 2016, the nature center received two young beavers, and they are worth a visit to check out! It has been fun to see them interact with their environment, as well as learn a thing or two about beavers. I often enjoy spending time watching (and taking pictures of them).

Ready to take a trip out to the nature center? Learn more and plan your visit today!

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