Support Atlanta’s Nature Destination Today

girl kneeling on ground at ecotinkerFact: spending time outside makes you happier.

We at the Chattahoochee Nature Center don’t just know this, we live it. We love our jobs and the role we play in educating Atlanta about the natural world around us. From learning about the bugs in the air to the health of the Chattahoochee River and so much more, CNC is the leader in environmental education in Georgia.

Now more than ever, CNC needs the community’s support to keep providing our important programs and lessons. How can you help? To start with, follow CNC online. Follow us on Facebook and Intagram to stay in the know for fun science as well as upcoming events and fundraisers, many of which have moved online.

Did you know CNC’s Water Drop Dash went virtual March 21? Over 600 runners took part, each running their own track and many posted about their runs on Instagram. How amazing is that? Likewise, the Spring Native Plant Sale kicked off its digital drive-through March 24 with all ordering and payment done online for the first time. Over 400 people found their own little pieces of nature to bring home with them for their gardens of houses. Keep an eye on social media and the weekly CNC news eblasts for future rounds of plant sale, which is an important fundraiser for CNC and the gardens.

You can get all your bird seed for the summer at the semi-annual Bird Seed Fundraiser. Find your favorite Cole’s Premium Bird Seed and pre-order it, starting April 3 until April 12. Then come to CNC to pick it up April 17-19.

Even better, CNC members can save 15% on their birdseed order.

Members help sustain CNC long-term and come with a host of benefits. Many CNC events give members free or reduced admission, and there are several member-only events throughout the year. Our members sustain CNC’s mission, wildlife rehabilitation programs, conservation efforts, education programs, and so much more. Please consider joining today.

Lastly, you can help by simply donating what you can. Donations go a long way to keeping the doors open and the injured wildlife fed. It’s easy and you can do it here.