Camp Grade Level Layout

owlets 4 Year Olds

Your next group outing should be
at the Chattahoochee Nature Center!

Camp Kingfisher has been providing care of our two children (soon to be 3 children) for 5 years. Camp Kingfisher is the cornerstone of the children’s life experiences. Camp Kingfisher has given our children a safe, loving, personable environment to learn about wildlife, biology, botany, and stewardship. Our children have also gained much in the way of interpersonal relationships, developing their leadership skills and establishing friendships that have grown outside of Camp Kingfisher.

Owlets Camp, a half-day camp experience for 4-year-olds, is designed from the ground up to be an introduction to the best nature camp in Atlanta. Look forward to shorter hikes, plenty of outdoor free play, swimming, and live animal encounters! With a manageable schedule of 8:30am-12:30pm, Owlet campers will get plenty of outside time and frequent indoor air-conditioned breaks for water, sunscreen, and storybook Turtle Time.

How big are the groups?

Owlets are signed up based on a 1:5 counselor-to-camper ratio. Groups generally have 10 campers and 2 counselors. In rare cases, we will increase the ratio to a maximum of 1:6.

What’s the average day like?

Camp Kingfisherís Owlet Camp runs from 8:30am-12:30pm. The camper day is split into 4 shorter periods, turtle time, an outdoor lunch, and 1 snack time. Owlet campers will not participate in canoeing. Educational content varies based on the session theme. *Note: Owlets drop off is between 8:30 am and 8:40 am.

Free Play

Our Owlets love getting to see live animal demonstrations, but they truly enjoy hands on activities such as building their own mini owls. For this craft each Owlet receives their own paper towel roll in which they learn how to fold the top to form the owls ear tufts. After the ear tufts are formed they receive two googly eyes, a beak and multiple feathers they can glue onto their owl. Owlets have the opportunity to experience many different types of craft activities geared to the weeks session theme.

Swimming at the CNC Pool

CNC maintains a Junior-Olympic size pool for use by all of our campers. There are 2 trained lifeguards, one counselor as an extra set of eyes on the pool, and 1 staff swimming with the campers. The pool is 3.5 feet at the shallow end and 12 at the deep end. There are wide stairs at the shallow end for kids who do not want to go all the way into the water and we do have noodles for campers to enjoy. At this age level all campers are confined to the shallow end. We encourage owlet campers to bring their flotation devices from home so they feel confident and enjoy pool time. Owlets swim first period, without other age groups. It is best for your camper to be already dressed in their swimsuit for maximum amount of time in the pool.

If you require that your child use a flotation device, please send it with him/her. If a flotation device is not provided, your child will not be permitted to swim.