Have you ever heard of a “wattle”?

Natural Fencing Protects Gardens

A tried-and-true way to build a natural fence is by constructing a wattle!

Wattle materials will you need?

There are several types of this fence you can craft, ranging from simple low-path edging to tall woven masterpieces. This is the structural component of a building technique, which was commonly used for thousands of years, known as a wattle & daub. Traditionally they are constructed by driving wooden stakes into the ground and weaving strips of willow wood or flexible branches in between the stakes. Clay, mud, or mixture, was then “daubed” all over for stability.

You can spot our stake and daub-free wattle serving as a trail edging while exploring the grounds.

A wattle can be an easy, natural, long-lasting, and beautiful addition to your home garden that intrigues kids and adults alike. It also serves as a multifaceted home for birds, helpful insects, and other beneficial critters bringing extra vitality into your yard.

“Wat” a great way to use fallen branches to create a boundary that is pleasing to the eye and creates a natural habitat as well. Check out the wattles the Horticulture Department has created across CNC on your next visit!