Winter Homes & Hideaways

Leaves! Man they are great, they provide campers shade during those hot summer days, and they also keep animals hidden from our peering eyes.


As autumn leaves, the barren winter approaches, which may not seem like the best time to search for animal homes, but the now leafless trees show their hidden treasures.  This is a great time of the year to get campers out on a hike to look for nests, homes and hideaways.

Small songbird nests can be seen at eye level in shrubs right along the path or we may find a local hawk’s nest resting in the crook of a tree. Walking along the path campers might see a squirrel dart up an Oak tree with a mouth full of leaves, these leaves will provided the insulation for their nest during the winter. As winter approaches many of our wasp species hibernate until the spring, but this is a great time to locate their large balloon-shaped nest high in the trees.


Discover the nests and homes of the resident wildlife that call CNC home.


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