Virtual Animal Encounters

The Chattahoochee Nature Center is home to more than 75 non-releasable, native Georgia animals. Many of these animals become ambassadors to the public and help CNC Naturalists teach people about nature.

Through the use of your preferred video conference platform, students will meet one of these animal ambassadors and hear its story – both how the species is adapted to live in Georgia and how this special animal came to CNC. At the end of the session, students will have the opportunity to ask the Naturalists their questions.

Scholarship funds are available on a limited basis to help cover program costs.

Session Length:

30-45 minutes

Participant Maximum:

One Classroom (roughly 30 students)


$125 for first session, $60 per addition session

Virtual Platform:

Any video conferencing platform chosen and hosted by teacher (Zoom, Teams, etc.)

Programs must be booked a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.

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Animal Encounter Options

eastern box turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

The eastern box turtle is the only land turtle in the northern half of Georgia and can often be found in residential neighborhoods. Meet one of your closest reptile neighbors and find out what they might be up to in your own backyard.

florida pine snake


Georgia is home to 46 different species of snakes, all of which play an important role in the local ecosystem. Learn what makes these creatures so unique, and get to know one of your local, non-venomous snakes.


Gopher Tortoise

The gopher tortoise is Georgia’s state reptile and an important keystone species found in the Coastal Plain region of Georgia. Get an up-close look at this large reptile and learn about its impact on other animals in Georgia.



The Virginia opossum is the only marsupial found in the United States, and they play an important role in disease control. Get to know these unique creatures and find out some of the amazing ways they help humans.


Birds of Prey

Specially adapted to hunt live animals, birds of prey are some of the most fascinating animals found in Georgia. Meet one of these birds, and learn what exactly makes them a “Bird of Prey.”

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