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Survival – Rising 4th-7th Grade


Build the perfect campfire, construct survival forts, navigate CNC, and cook scrumptious food over a fire in Camp Kingfisher’s Survival Camp. Survival and camping skill sessions will be first FUN and second inspire an appreciation for how our ancestors lived (and relaxed) outdoors.

How big are the groups?

Survival GHO groups are signed up based on a 1:10 counselor to camper ratio and generally have 10 campers and 1 counselor. Survival BDO groups are signed up based on a 1:9 counselor to camper ratio and generally have 18 campers and 2 counselors. In rare cases, we will increase the GHO ratio to a maximum of 1:12 and the BDO ratio to a maximum of 1:10.

What’s the average day like?

Camp Kingfisher program hours last from 9am-4pm and our FREE aftercare spans 8-9am in the morning and 4-6:15pm in the afternoon. The camper day is split into 6 periods, including lunch inside Kingfisher Hall, and 2 snack times. Each age group’s schedule include 6 periods packed full of time in the outdoors, educational hikes, live animal encounters, swimming, canoeing, science exploration activities, and so much more. Educational content varies based on the session theme.

Highlighted Activity: Primitive Fire Techniques

After water, fire is one of the most essential things for survival. The Native Americans and Early Settlers were adept at starting fires using wood, simple tools, flint, and steel. Each camper will have a chance to start their own fire from scratch; and, we can guarantee the feeling of accomplishment when they succeed!

Highlighted Activity: Outdoor Snacks

There’s nothing like great food cooked over a campfire! We’ll pull out the Dutch oven, fire up the coals, and prepare some classic campfire delights. Look forward to choices like cobbler and ice cream, chocolate cake in oranges, roasted hot dogs, and banana boats.