SECOND GRADE on-site field studies and outreach programs

Come explore the Chattahoochee Nature Center with your class for fun, educational experiences your students won’t ever forget! Can’t make the trip to visit us? No problem, book an Outreach Program and we will bring the learning into your classroom. Either way, a CNC Naturalist will lead your class in exploration. School programs include hands-on activities and a Teacher’s Guide with additional curriculum.

On-site Field Studies

All on-site programs are conducted at CNC and are suggested as a 2 hour and 30 minute experience. Each program includes a guided forest hike with one of our Naturalists and an up-close animal encounter with one of our non-releasable wildlife (1 hour 15 minutes). The remaining time can be spent with a guided tour of Watershed Gallery in the Discovery Center, plus self-guided time in our picnic areas, gardens, and Wildlife Walk.

Life Cycles

What is a tadpole? Journey through the life cycle of several Georgia native plants and animals to find the answer. GSE: S2L1a

Creek and Cherokee I

This program explores how the native peoples used the land, river, wildlife, and other natural resources for hunting, farming, medicine, shelter, clothing, transportation, music, and games. GSE SS2G2b,c,d; SSH2a

Plants and Trees

Students discover how plants and trees grow, and learn about the relationships between humans, plants, and animals. GSE: S2L1c

Wildlife Discovery

A general introduction to nature and wildlife, students will explore the native plants and animals of the CNC through hands-on exploration and inquisitive observation. GSE: S2L1a


This spring program explores the world of the insects to learn what positive things these fascinating animals do for the environment. GSE: S2L1a

Reptiles and Amphibians

Focusing on Georgia native species, students will learn about these fascinating animals while exploring the grounds looking for them in the wild. GSE: S2L1a

STARLAB Programs

Using an inflatable planetarium, a CNC naturalist will lead students on a journey through the night sky to view constellations and the solar system. STARLAB is also a terrific program to bring to your school. Please inquire about space limitations when booking the STARLAB as an outreach program. (Maximum number of participants is 60)


Students will learn about the brightness and color of stars while viewing the constellations. They will also observe the phases of the moon through a hands-on activity using models. GSE: S2E1a,b

Creek and Cherokee Starlab

Students will first learn about the Creek and Cherokee peoples of Georgia, then enter our planetarium for stargazing and stories about Native American myths about the stars. GSE: S2E1a,b; SS2G2b,c,d; SSH2a



>> Reservations are taken year-round by email at or by phone (770.992.2055 ext. 237) on a first-come, first-served basis. Schedule early to ensure the dates of your choice.

>> Please email or call between 8AM – 4PM and plan approximately 10-15 minutes per call. If we are busy or unavailable, please leave a message and we will make every attempt to return your call on the same day.

>> We can accommodate groups as large as 150 per time slot (10AM to 11:15AM or 11:30AM to 12:45PM) for a single program unless otherwise noted.


ON-SITE Program Pricing

Single Program

>> $15/student, 2 adults free per 25 students. Each additional adult (teacher/chaperone): $15/each.

>> One Naturalist is scheduled to teach 25 students. 

>> Deposit is due 2 weeks from booking date, either $150 or 25% of total program, whichever is greater.  

>> Remaining balance to be paid on day of program to our Scheduling Office from the Lead Teacher only. We cannot accept payment from chaperones. 

>> Scholarship funds available for Title I Schools

Cancellation Policy

When you schedule a program, we reserve a slot in the calendar for your group, and we commit staff and resources to ensure you an exceptional educational experience. Please review the following cancellation policy for Chattahoochee Nature Center:

>> All programs take place rain or shine {indoor space is available).

>> You may reschedule a program, if space is available, up to 4 weeks before your originally scheduled date without penalty.

>> You may cancel a program up to four weeks before your originally scheduled date without penalty.

>> Programs cancelled less than 4 weeks from program date will not receive a refund of deposit.

>> Schools with an unpaid balance will not be able to schedule another program until the balance is paid.


Transportation issues? Not a problem. CNC Naturalists can bring high-quality programming directly into your school. In addition to the programs listed below, all of our On-site Programs (except water programs) can be conducted at your school in individual classrooms, and include an animal encounter and hands-on activities. All programs are GSE-correlated for each grade and include Small Group and Large Group programs.

Programs can be booked Monday through Sunday, mornings, afternoons, and evenings, year-round. Spaces are limited during spring and fall due to high demand. All programs must be booked a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the program date.

Programs for Small Groups 

These programs are designed for 30 or fewer participants. Programs include a live animal presentation; biofacts such as bird wings, turtle shells, or animal furs; an activity; and a question & answer session with a CNC Naturalist. Unless otherwise stated, these are one hour programs.

Inspired by Wildlife

Students meet 2 of our non-releasable animals and examine their adaptations. Students are introduced to the idea how these adaptations could be used to improve our lives via Biomimicry. This is a 45-minute program.

Nature 101

Participants in this one-hour program will learn all about the basics of the plants and animals found in Georgia. What’s living in your neighborhood will be explored as well as backyard animals, ways to look for wildlife, tracks and even scat!


In this fun-filled program, participants will learn what makes a reptile a reptile and which ones you are likely to encounter in your neighborhood. This program will conclude with a live reptile presentation.


In this warm and fuzzy program, the Naturalist will explain the identifying characteristics of mammals and tell you what species to look for around your home. This program will conclude with an opossum presentation.


Programs for Large Groups 

These programs are ideal for 31 to 150 seated participants. We offer auditorium and festival programs to meet your needs.

Hunters in the Sky Auditorium Program

This one-hour educational program focuses on raptors, some of our most fascinating native predators. A CNC naturalist will utilize fun activities with large props and audience involvement to teach participants about these native birds and their impressive abilities. This program will include presentations of an owl and a hawk.

Georgia Wildlife Journey Auditorium Program

This one hour educational program focuses on animals that make their home in the Georgia Piedmont. This program will include presentations of an opossum, snake, and bird of prey.

On the Road with Reptiles Festival Program

This Information Booth is available for an unlimited mobile audience in a festival setting. With this program, CNC will bring a collection of fascinating reptile information to you. Using biofacts – such as skulls, turtle shells, and snake sheds – and hands-on activities, the Naturalist will share information about the many amazing reptiles found in Georgia. This program includes a live reptile, viewable in an aquarium.

PLEASE NOTE: A six-foot table in a shaded area is required for this program. The program must be held indoors when temperature is less than 60 degrees.

Traveling Trunks

Prepackaged curriculum and activities you can rent from CNC to use in your classroom for up to 3 weeks.

Bat’s Incredible – The Endangered Gray Bat

This program is a study of one of Georgia’s protected La Maleta de Mofeta vertebrates in an investigation kit filled with activities, animal bio-facts, books, posters, and more! This trunk provides students with awareness of statewide habitat issues, knowledge of the endangered Gray Bat and its natural history, and opportuni­ties for critical thinking relative to past, present, and future environ­mental actions.



>> Reservations are taken year-round by email at or by phone (770.992.2055 ext. 246) on a first-come basis. Schedule early to ensure the dates of your choice.

>> Information to share: name, school, grade, number of students, program you are interested in, and the dates you are looking for.

>> We will make every attempt to return your call or email within 24 hours. 


Age 6-Adult: $250 for first program, $125 for each additional program

>> 30 students maximum – 60 minutes

Auditorium Programs: 150 students maximum – 60 minutes

>> 2 Animals: $350 for first program, $250 for each additional program

>> 3 Animals: $430 for first program, $275 for each additional program

Festival Programs: $225 for first hour, $115 for each additional hour

Additional Pricing Information: 

>> $100 one-time development fee for customized programming

>> Scholarship fund available for Title I Schools

>> Inquire about our non-profit discount

Travel Fees: 

>> Programs within 20 miles of CNC: No fee

>> Programs 21-30 miles from CNC: $50 fee

>> Programs 31-40 miles from CNC: $60 fee

>> Programs 41-50 miles from CNC: $70 fee

NOTE: Audience limits are set to ensure an optimal experience for every student participant. Audience size may not exceed the published limits without permission of the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Audiences who do exceed the published limits will incur additional session fees. Please contact us if you have any questions about our policies. 

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