Permanent Exhibits

The Chattahoochee River provides most of the drinking water for metro Atlanta and is a place of beauty and recreation for residents in our communities. The river and the surrounding watershed are also home to a variety of plants and animals, all of which are impacted by the actions we take. The exhibits in Discovery Center and surrounding trails invite you to meet your wildlife neighbors, consider the river’s importance to your community, and learn how you can protect this vital resource.


Explore Your Watershed

The Chattahoochee River Watershed is like a giant funnel. It collects water and directs it towards the Chattahoochee River. Woodlands, wetlands, and the river itself all make up the watershed. Meet some of the animals that call this place home, see the watershed from their perspective, and learn how we are all connected when you visit the Explore Your Watershed exhibit.


Story Stroll

Our Story Stroll exhibit is presented in partnership with the Georgia Public Library System.  Each quarter, you can expect to read a new story while walking along our family-friendly Beaver Pond Trail.  As you walk along the trail you can read the story step-by-step and page-by-page.  This exhibit brings together literacy, nature, and health in a fun activity! 


Artist Gallery

Throughout the year, the River Resource Gallery features artwork by members of both the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance (RFAA) and the Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA). The RFAA is a group of local artists committed to promoting the fine arts through shows, art instruction, and community service. The GNPA is a state-wide club dedicated to helping nature photographers learn, connect, and share the value of the natural world.

During the gallery’s fall show, Double Vision, you can view stunning photographs captured by GNPA members paired with re-creations made by RFAA artists in a variety of mediums.

“The Chattahoochee: Reimagine Our River” Film

Discover what makes the Chattahoochee River so unique and meet the people who care for this valuable resource in this 20-minute film.  Film showing is available upon request, during our normal business hours.