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OPEN DAILY MARCH 10 – MAY 31, 2019

Head outdoors this spring for our five nature-inspired interactive STEM stations where you can experiment and explore. The exhibits focus on the science of water, taking you from a microscopic view to a global view. What is water made of? How does it move? How do we use it?

Explore all these questions and more at our interactive stations. Expand your creative mind and your vocabulary when you visit EcoTinker! Included with general admission and free to CNC Members.

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Check out all five stations:

Modeling Molecules

Learn about the microscopic building blocks that make up water. Build water molecules and learn how they can form a gas, liquid, or solid.

Peculiar Polarity

Water has many unique chemical properties. Experiment with different materials and witness adhesion, cohesion, surface tension, and capillary action with your own eyes.

Watershed Wall 

There are many factors that affect how water flows through rivers and streams. Play with the Watershed Wall (back by popular demand) and watch water flow through different components that mimic the elements of a watershed.

Engineer Your River

Big, blue, and brand new! Use our Imagination Playground block set to build your own city along a make-believe river. Over 100 connecting blocks and angles will help you engineer everything from a boat to a bridge. Imagination Playground will be available from 10AM – 6:30PM.

The Incredible Journey

Take on the role of a water drop and travel through the water cycle in this Project WET activity. Learn about the many stops that water makes as it moves around the Earth, and create a mysterious masterpiece along the way – just add it to water and see what happens!

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