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>> Build a strong relationship with our local environment

>> Meet classroom standards in a fun and engaging way

>> Take tours with our Certified Interpretive Guides

>> Enjoy a variety of program options

>> Interact with our varied wildlife residents

>> Extension programs available

>> Pre-visit information available to teachers

>> Experience hands-on learning


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Other Places to Learn

>> Learn about vertebrate classification and what makes each vertebrate group unique. You will also learn more about the animals that call CNC home.

>> Learn about some of the animals native to Georgia with fact sheets

>> I found an injured animal? What do I do? 

>> Teacher guides for all grade levels and CNC onsite programs. These are normally available only to teachers that have scheduled programs, but are open to everyone and at no charge. 



Why Partner with the Chattahoochee Nature Center?

The National Science Foundation values environment-based education for the positive effect it can have on learning and its impact on student performance in areas such as integrated learning, language arts, reading, motivation, and so much more.


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