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Join CNC as we explore the wetland forests and the mountains of North Georgia. Two videos and activity sheets are available this week to finish up the series for the school year. 

Meet a Barred Owl who relies on the wetland forests in the watershed and who serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping the air and rivers clean. Watch the video below and make observations on the activity sheet. 

Then travel to mountains of North Georgia which hosts an amazing display of native plants and animals, and rise up to an altitude of 4,300 feet above sea level. Come take a look with us as we learn about one animal who lives in this ecoregion, the Eastern Screech Owl. Watch the video about the mountains and the Easter Screech Owl and make observations on the activity sheet.

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Featured Partnership
Georgia Forestry Foundation

CNC is honored to continue their partnership with Georgia Forestry Foundation (GFF) through this social distancing period. By working with GFF, weekly emails will go out with experiences to continue to connect you to nature.

Each Wednesday, GFF will send educators throughout Georgia an email with links to videos and learning experiences that focus on forestry in Georgia. The emails will feature videos from the front lines of the forestry industry created by GPB, activities developed by Project Learning Tree, and educational videos featuring CNC’s non-releasable wildlife along with activities that focus on helping the learner engage with the video.

Sign up for the free emails here. 


Connect with nature from where you live

Videos and Activities

>>Join CNC as we explore the Coastal Plains of Georgia to learn about the long-leaf pine forest and two animals that call it home. Click here to access the activity sheet to make observations and explore further. 

>> Learn about the Piedmont Region of Georgia and the Black Rat Snake that lives there. Click here to access the activity sheet to make observations and explore further. 

>>Video on the Eastern Box Turtle and the Eastern KingsnakeClick here to access the activity sheet. Check out the Urban Kings: A Citizen Science Project to find out how you can help learn more about Kingsnakes in urban environments.

>> Video on Red-shouldered Hawk adaptations and more. Click here to access the activity sheet. 

>>Video on habitat and adaptations of the Virginia Opossum. Click here to access the activity sheet. 

>>Learn about creating and using a nature journal. A 5-part series that gives ideas and prompts for getting outside and recording observations in a nature journal. New videos are released on Wednesdays on the CNC Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Other Places to Learn

>>Learn about vertebrate classification and what makes each vertebrate group unique. You will also learn more about the animals that call CNC home.

>>Learn about some of the animals native to Georgia with fact sheets

>>I found an injured animal? What do I do? 

>>Teacher guides for all grade levels and CNC onsite programs. These are normally available only to teachers that have scheduled programs, but are open to everyone and at no charge. 



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