Native plants in your backyard

CNC prides itself on being a leader in Georgia for plant conservation, especially for native pollinator plants. Whether your interest is in gardening, horticulture, education, or science, CNC will keep you engaged with nature.

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>> Online Native Plant Sale <<

Pre-Order Online: September 9 – September 23
Pick Up: September 25-26

The pre-order opportunity is now closed. Please remember to pick up your plants Friday, September 25 or Saturday, September 26 from 10AM-5PM in the CNC parking lot. 
Contact the Horticulture Department at 770-992-2055 x264 with any questions.


From humble beginnings with only a small shade garden in front of the old Discovery Center, the gardens have grown to cover almost 3 acres displaying over 600 native plants from Georgia. Many of these important native plants are beneficial to wildlife.

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As a member of the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance (GPCA), the Chattahoochee Nature Center is involved in several projects. Most recently, we have been growing the federally endangered Alabama Leather flower, a plant only recently discovered in Georgia. In the wild, there are only five small patches left in Georgia and we are propagating this plant from divisions and cuttings in order to return them to their native habitat.

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>> annual native plant sale <<

Native Plants are more than just beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, and ground covers. They add diversity, attract native insects, feed birds and mammals, and are easy to care for. Once established, they use less water and they don’t need the chemical additives that can pollute water, while also being sustainable. Make your grounds beautiful and sustainable with native plants to attract nature – go native! Native plant sale happens twice a year in March and September. Proud to partner with Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District.