Rehabilitation and Education of Native Animals

The Wildlife Department at the Chattahoochee Nature Center focuses on education and rehabilitation. More than 3,500 phone calls are received by the department each year, with topics ranging from animal identification to habitat destruction. Additionally, the wildlife staff provides medical assistance to injured birds of prey, reptiles and amphibians in the hope of releasing them back into the wild. Sometimes, if the animal will be unable to survive on its own, it becomes a resident of the Chattahoochee Nature Center and is used in our educational programs and exhibits to teach our visitors about the importance of protecting our native wildlife. The Wildlife Department, licensed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has been a part of the Nature Center since it opened in 1976. 

Wildlife Clinic Hours: Monday – Saturday 10AM – 4PM and Sunday 12PM – 4PM


To keep up to date on animals brought in to wildlife, please visit our Facebook page. 

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Animal Facts

Learn more about some of the animals native to Georgia that may be seen when you visit the Chattahoochee Nature Center. 


Animal Rehabilitation

The staff members of the Wildlife Department hold rehabilitation licenses issued by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the US Fish and Wildlife Service for raptor, reptile, and amphibian rehabilitation. We are unable to accept any other types of animals for rehabilitation. 
Wildlife Clinic Hours: Monday – Saturday 10AM – 4PM and Sunday 12PM – 4PM



To locate a licensed rehabilitator, visit the Animal Help Now website or visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in Georgia. Rehabilitators do not receive government funding and all expenses (i.e. food, medications, x-rays, vet costs, caging, etc.) are paid for by the rehabber. Please consider making a donation if you are in need of assistance with an injured or orphaned wild animal.

we need your help

As a non-profit interactive nature center we rely heavily on donations and support from the community to operate our Wildlife Center. More than 75 injured, non-releasable animals call CNC home. In addition, Wildlife Department staff hold state and federal rehabilitation permits for raptors, amphibians, and reptiles, receiving more than 500 cases annually for evaluation and rehabilitation. We believe this is important work, and this service to the community costs us over $100,000 a year. In addition to our staff and facility costs, these animals have bigger appetites than you might think: eagles eat $3,100 worth of food a year and feeding our Great Horned Owls sets us back $2,900 a year. And we do need your help to be able to continue to provide for them.

Average cost of care:
One raptor: $50 / week
One reptile: $20 / week
One amphibian: $10 / week

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