FIRST GRADE on-site field studies and outreach programs

The Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) offers a variety of science education programs for all ages and grade levels. Our programs are designed to engage students’ natural curiosity and provide experiential learning opportunities in nature.

On-site Field Studies

All on-site programs are conducted on CNC grounds and include both a guided trail hike and an encounter with one of CNC’s resident animals. Programs last 1 hour and 15 minutes, and additional free time is provided for classes to explore the grounds at their own pace.

Programs must be booked a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.

All programs are rain or shine.

Basic Needs of Plants and Animals

Explore the trails at CNC and discover the many plants and animals that live there. Along the way, we will compare and contrast the survival needs of the organisms we find.

Plants and Trees

How does an acorn become an oak tree? Why are some leaves green while others are brown? With the help of a CNC Naturalist, students will study live plants on CNC’s grounds and hypothesize about how they grow and interact with other forms of life.

Wildlife Discovery

Become a Naturalist and hone your observation skills as you explore CNC. Hike the forest trails, search high and low for signs of life, and study the plants and animals that call Georgia home.


Scheduling an On-Site Field Study

>> Contact the Scheduling Office to reserve your program:

770.992.2055 ext. 237

>> Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

ON-SITE Program Pricing

>> $15 per student

>> 2 free adults (teachers/chaperones) per 25 students

>> $15 per each additional adult

>> $150 minimum per program

>> Scholarship funds available for Title I Schools


Can’t make it to CNC? Let us come to you! Our science education programs are mobile and can be brought directly to your classroom. Bring nature to life wherever you are with hands-on activities and a close-up encounter with one of CNC’s resident animals. All outreach programs last 1 hour.

Programs must be booked a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.


1 hour | 25 participants maximum

How is a lizard like a snake? How are they different? What makes a reptile a reptile? Students will identify the defining characteristics of a reptile and become acquainted with the snakes, turtles, and lizards of Georgia.


1 hour | 25 participants maximum

They’re warm, fuzzy, and a lot like us! Get to know the many mammals of Georgia, investigate how they find food, water, and shelter, and find out what makes them (and us) unique.

Hunters in the Sky Auditorium Program

1 hour | 150 participants maximum

Georgia’s birds of prey are a source of fascination for many. During this program, students will meet two of these animals: an owl and a hawk. As students compare these birds, they will learn what makes them so exceptional.

Georgia Wildlife Journey Auditorium Program

1 hour | 150 participants maximum

CNC is home to many native Georgia animals, including reptiles, mammals, and raptors. During this program, students will meet three of these animals and hear their stories – both how their species survive in Georgia and how each individual animal came to CNC.

On the Road with Reptiles Booth

festival booth | no participant maximum

Great for festivals and STEM nights, this information booth is the perfect way for your event attendees to learn about reptiles in Georgia. Visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to examine shells, skulls, and other reptile items as well as a live reptile, viewable in a terrarium. A CNC Naturalist will be available to answer any and all questions.

Traveling Trunks

These prepackaged curriculum kits contain all the tools you need to create wonderful lessons about nature and wildlife. Rent a trunk for up to three weeks, and use the items within to supplement your lesson plans.

Bat’s Incredible – The Endangered Gray Bat Trunk

Built in partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Bat Conservation International, the Bat’s Incredible Trunk is a hands-on introduction to the issues of conservation and endangered species. Through a variety of activities, students learn about the endangered gray bat and explore the effects of human action on the survival of the species.




>> Contact the Outreach Office to book your program:

770.992.2055 ext. 246

>> Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

>> Don’t see what you need? We will work with you to create a program that fits your needs.


>> Programs start at $250

>> Pricing varies based on length of program, number of participants, and number of animals. Discounts are available for multiple programs booked in one day.

>> Additional travel fees will be applied to locations more than 20 miles from CNC.

>> Inquire about our Non-Profit Discount

>> Scholarship funds available for Title I Schools

Ready to book your education program?