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Chattahoochee River Resource Gallery

restoreWhat is a Watershed?
Think of a watershed like a giant funnel that catches rain and directs it towards a low area, like the Chattahoochee River. Everything on land is touched by that rain as is it travels to the river and all of this- woodlands, playgrounds, backyards, creeks- makes up a watershed. Watersheds provide homes for animals, water for our faucets and places that make live worth living.conserve

Where does your water come from?
Most drinking water in metro Atlanta comes from the Chattahoochee River watershed. Find your watershed by clicking here.

enjoy.gifGet Active
Watersheds are great places to play but unless we stake steps to care for and conserve them, they may be gone before we know it. Learn more about how you can Enjoy, Conserve, Rethink and Restore our watershed in the River Resource Gallery.

Interactive exhibits help you get active and introduce you to people and organizations that are waiting for you to get involved.rethink


Currently Featured:
Clean Air Campaign
Trust for Public Land
Georgia Forestry Commission
Atlanta Junior Rowing Association

Georgia Nature Photographers Association Exhibit

Enjoy unique and breath taking photos by members of the Georgia Nature Photographers Association. Photos can be viewed free of charge and many are available for purchase. Click here for more information about GNPA.

Current Exhibition:

Flowers – April 25- June 22