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Birds of Prey

Raptor Aviaries

The Chattahoochee Nature Center is home to many birds of prey that have been injured and cannot be returned to the wild.

Bald Eagle.It costs $58,000 a year to take care of our 2 eagles on exhibit! To help them pay rent, click here!BALD EAGLES

The female hatched in 1997 in Florida. She sustained a broken femur while attempting to steal a fish from an adult eagle. Rehabilitation took place at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey (ACBOP) in Maitland FL before she was transferred to CNC in November 1999. The male hatched in 2008 and was found poisoned at a landfill in Florida and had a fractured wing. He was rehabilitated at ACBOP, but can only fly approximately 200 feet. He arrived at CNC in April 2009.

Feeding our hawks can cost up to $31,000 a year! Help feed them lunch by clicking here!

Cooper's Hawk


One female arrived in November 2013 from another rehabilitation center. She had been hit by a car in Athens GA, resulting in a severe concussion and soft tissue damage to the left wing. She cannot sustain flight for more than a few minutes. The second female arrived in February 2015 with damage to her right wing. After several months of rehabilitation we determined she had permanent damage to her shoulder and was unable to to be released.

Red Shouldered Hawk.


The male with the yellow leg band hatched in early 2002 and arrived at CNC in December 2002 after being electrocuted by power lines in Florida. The resulting scar tissue to his muscles renders him incapable of sustained flight. The second male arrived as a rehabilitation case in October 2017 after hitting a window. Despite treatment, he has residual issues in his right eye and is unable to capture live prey or sustain long flights.


One female hatched in 1988 and arrived here in May 1989 with nerve damage to the right wing. The second female Red-tailed Hawk hatched in 2004 and arrived at CNC as a rehab case in April 2005 after being shot. X-rays revealed 14 pellets in the body and a fractured right femur that could not be repaired

Over $38,000 a year goes towards keeping our owls healthy each year! Click here to help!barn owl


The two female Barn Owls hatched in captivity in 2008 at Great Valley Nature Center in Pennsylvania. Both of their parents were injured and non-releasable and happened to breed on exhibit. Pennsylvania does not allow the release of captive-bred raptors, so they had to find a new home. They arrived at Chattahoochee Nature Center in June 2009.

Barred Owl.


Great Horned Owl.

The female arrived in March 1991 with broken toes on the left foot, rendering her incapable of grasping tightly. The male arrived in February 2015 after he was hit by a vehicle. He is permanently blind in his left eye.


One female arrived in April 2005 as a juvenile from the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, NC. She has an elbow injury (cause unknown) that will not allow her left wing to extend fully. The other female arrived in May 2012 as an adult from Amicalola Falls State Park. She has nerve and tissue damage at her left wrist from an electrocution.

Black Vulture.Around $7,000 a year keeps our vultures stomachs full and happy! Click here to pick up their dinner tab!BLACK VULTURE

She arrived at CNC in 2006 as a chick several weeks after being removed from her nest by well-intentioned biologists who did not realize vultures often nest on the ground. This bird is imprinted (permanently bonded to humans) and cannot survive on her own.


The female arrived in January 1989 with nerve damage to the right wing, rendering her incapable of full flight.