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Get to Know and Help Our Animals

Wildlife CollageWe need your help.

And as a non-profit interactive nature center we rely heavily on donations and support from the community to operate our Wildlife Center.

More than 50 injured, non-releasable animals call the Center home. In addition, as a licensed rehabilitation center for native raptors, mammals and reptiles we receive and rehabilitate hundreds of injured animals that we nurse back to health and return to the wild.

We believe this is important work, but this service to the community costs us over $100,000 a year. In addition to our staff and facility costs, these animals have bigger appetites than you might think: eagles eat $3,100 worth of food a year and feeding our Great Horned Owls sets us back $2,900 a year. And we do need your help to be able to continue to provide for them.

Please take a moment and browse through the pages of this section of the website and learn about some of the animals we care for. Then, if you can find it in your heart, please make a donation to help us support them.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • GIVE US A DONATION. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Don’t be shy.
  • BECOME A MEMBER OF CNC OR UPGRADE THE ONE YOU HAVE: We have a number of different levels and they all get you into the Center for free and provide other entertainment perks.
  • ORGANIZE A FUNDRASIER. You may have some great ideas we haven’t thought of to raise money and we’ll be happy to coordinate with you.
  • Send your friend a link to this webpage and ask them to help.

And thanks in advance for your generous support.