Double Vision Contest Winners

The CNC Nature Exchange staff is always looking for ways to connect with young nature enthusiasts so this year they hosted the Third Annual Double Vision for Kids Contest. For this contest, young artists were encouraged to take a photograph  of something interesting out in the natural world. It could be a photo of animals, plants, fungi, a landscape scene, rocks, sky – anything in nature. They would then use that photograph to create their own artistic interpretation using a medium of their choice.

The Chattahoochee Nature Center staff are always amazed by the talent and creativity of the young artists who participate. We would like to thank all of the young artists who participated. The entries will be on display throughout the month of December. The winners will earn points that they can use in the Nature Exchange. Winners who are not CNC Nature Exchange traders will have a new trader account set up in their name.

First Place winners received 5000 points, Second Place winners received 2500 points and Third Place winners received 1000 points which were added to their Nature Exchange Account.

K-2nd Gr. Category
1st Place: William H. Grade 2 “Turkey in Action”












2nd Place: Harrison Y. Grade 1 “Green Constrictor”

Green Constrictor

3rd Place: Charlie H. Gr. 2 “Tower of Rocks”

Tower of Rocks

3rd Place: Lydia L. Gr. 2 “Grand Canyon of Beauty”

rand Canyon of Beauty

3rd-4th Gr. Category
1st Place: Camilla C. Gr. 3 “Hollow Baseball Mushroom”

Hollow Baseball Mushroom

2nd Place: Harini O. Gr. 4 “Serene”


3rd Place: Nate A. Gr. 3 “Mr. Frog’s Vacuum”

Mr Frog

5th-7th Gr. Category
1st Place: Ellen A. Gr. 7 Camellia for Brunch

Camelllia for Brunch

2nd Place:
Elise H. Gr. 5 “Invasive Species”

Invasive Species

2nd Place:
Ezabella M. Gr. 6 “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

3rd Place:
Buddy G. Gr. 5 “Buddy’s Favorite Tree”

Buddys Favorite Tree