Membership goes digital

CNC is getting even greener

By Farah McIntyre, Member and Donor Services Coordinator

If you have visited CNC at all this summer, you have seen how green it is outside.  The trees, the grass, shrubs, you get the idea.  But what you may not see are the internal efforts we have been working on to make our organization greener.  We recently launched a new paperless, digital newsletter so that our members can receive their news in their email inbox and not in their mail box, using up paper, postage, employee time, and other precious resources. 

Going along with this effort to become more green, we are also introducing digital membership cards. Members of CNC know that up until now, we have printed membership cards for all memberships on PVC plastic cards.  Beginning this September, we are eliminating these wasteful plastic cards and going digital. Digital membership cards mark a milestone for CNC by utilizing readily-available technology and halting the creation of more plastic waste. 

Join as a new member or renew your membership beginning September 1 and onward, and you will help us go green and receive your digital membership card to easily access from your phone. 

For more information, visit our FAQ here.