barn owls Rising 2nd & 3rd Grade

The Barn Owl (BNO) program delivers exciting hands-on science activities, longer hikes, and plenty of outdoor games. BNO campers are at an age with huge levels of enthusiasm, and may also enjoy Art in Nature Camp. BNO campers graduate to Beaver Pond for canoeing, where each camper gets the chance to steer a canoe (with the help of a high school volunteer). Of course, all this activity calls for plenty of water breaks and a chance every day to cool off in the pool!

How big are the groups?

Barn Owls are signed up based on a 1:9 counselor-to-camper ratio. BNO groups generally have 18 campers and 2 counselors. In rare cases, we will increase the ratio to a maximum of 1:10.

What’s the average day like?

Barn Owl program hours are from 9AM-3:45PM. The camper day is split into 6 activity periods, lunch inside Kingfisher Hall and 2 snack times. Activities include outdoor time, educational hikes, live animal encounters, swimming, canoeing, science exploration activities, and so much more. Educational content varies based on the session theme.

Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball is a Camp Kingfisher favorite. Barn Owls will learn the rules and basics of this game, which is a form of dodgeball played in an octagon pit. Even though Camp Kingfisher’s Gaga pit often gets muddy in the summer, it doesn’t stop campers from wanting to dig in and have fun!