Carnivorous Plant Workshop

Carnivorous Plant Workshop: Saturday, August 31 | 10AM-12:30PM
Carnivorous Plant Sale: Saturday, August 31 | 1-4PM

Pitcher plants are some of the most spectacular carnivorous plants. In this class, you have the chance to be up close and hands-on with many of those found right here in the southeastern US, along with their other bog cohorts, including sundews, bladderworts, and Venus flytraps. Taught by Henning von Schmeling, Conservation Horticulturist at CNC, the workshop will discuss the various kinds of carnivorous plants and how they catch and digest insects. We will learn about how to propagate these fascinating plants. There is no better way to learn about these special plants than through hands-on experience with experts who have decades of experience growing carnivorous plants. 

Each participant will plant and take home a mini bog with 5 carnivorous plants ($55 value). Stay and shop for additional plants at the Carnivorous Plant Sale held after the workshop.

All Ages. Registration will open in May.

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Aug 31 2024


10:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Chattahoochee Nature Center
9135 Willeo Rd