Six Wooded Hiking Trails

The Chattahoochee Nature Center boasts 2.5 miles of great hiking trails across the 127-acre property including ADA-compliant River Boardwalk Trail, perfect for beginners and experienced hikers alike. All trails feature an abundance of plants and wildlife, year-round birding, and so much more! Please keep in mind that every season brings its own unique features, and all flora and fauna described on this page will not be seen year-round.

Wildlife Walk Eagle Aviary

Wildlife Walk

Beginner | 0.32 miles

The Wildlife Walk is on a paved path and is a great choice for visitors who want to see native wildlife up close. As you travel along the Wildlife Walk, you will find a beaver swimming in her pond, birds of prey chattering in their aviaries, and a butterfly garden that is bursting with color in the spring and summer months. Educational signage along the path will help you learn about the animals you encounter.

Beaver Pond Trail

Beaver Pond Trail

Beginner | 0.16 miles

The Beaver Pond Trail gets its name from the beavers that once called this place home. You can still find a few gnawed trees they left behind! At just under a quarter of a mile long, the Beaver Pond Trail is perfect for beginner hikers and young families. While on the trail you will observe both pond and forest habitats where you could see waterfowl, songbirds, green anoles, and a wide variety of plant life.

Stone Cabin Trail view of Beaver Pond

Stone Cabin trail

Beginner | 0.23 miles

The Stone Cabin Trail is a loop that will take you past the Unity Garden, the Screaming Eagle Zipline and Adventure course, and the remnants of a stone cabin that was part of Camp Chattahoochee in the 1960s. It is a great choice for visitors who want to stay close to the plaza area and the Discovery Center. The left side of the Stone Cabin Trail aligns with part of a major American Indian trading path, the Hightower (Etowah) Trail.

Kingfisher Pond Trail

Kingfisher Pond trail

Beginner | 0.26 miles

The Kingfisher Pond Trail is a low-impact hike with a beautiful view of both the forest and Kingfisher Pond. You might see herons searching for fish in the pond, or hear ducks calling to each other across the water. On sunny days, turtles can often be found basking on fallen logs, and the abundant insect life in the pond attracts frogs, lizards, and birds.

Homestead Trail 2

Homestead trail

Intermediate | 0.28 miles

The Homestead Trail gets its name from the ruin of an old cabin on the trail. Dating back to the 1940s, all that remains of this house is the chimney and the concrete drive. The Homestead Trail connects to both the Forest Trail and Kingfisher Pond Trail, giving you several options to extend your hike.

Forest Trail Gravesite

Forest trail

Intermediate | 0.31 miles

The Forest Trail takes you to the highest point on the Nature Center’s property. It is the steepest trail and a great way to fully immerse yourself in the forest. As you walk, you will find a wide variety of trees that make up the mixed conifer and hardwood forest, including loblolly pines, red and white oaks, and yellow poplars. At the peak of the trail is a family gravesite dating back to the 19th century.

Boardwalk Chattahoochee River View

River Boardwalk Trail

Beginner | 0.5 miles

The River Boardwalk trail is the longest and most diverse trail on the property! Cross the bridge and enjoy amazing views of the Chattahoochee River. Peaceful platforms overlooking wetlands, bottomland forest, and marsh habitat for frogs, salamanders, beavers, red-winged blackbirds, and great blue herons.