Activate Your Learning

Adult Programming at CNC

Mark Gialanella, Education Programs Supervisor

Learning as an adult can be just as engaging and full of wonder as when learning as a child.  It just takes looking through the lens of exploration and eagerness to experience new things, which activate the fascination for nature many of us had as children.  When walking the grounds or leading groups on hikes, one of the most fulfilling opportunities for CNC staff is watching adults learn as much as the children. CNC not only has avenues for adults to learn with children, but CNC also has programs just for adults.

Some of the programs CNC provides include nature photography classes, plant and gardening classes, speakers on the natural world, art classes, and many other opportunities.  Learning keeps us active and benefits our health in adulthood.  Keeping our mind actively learning is essential to maintaining our overall well-being and contributes to our physical health.  At CNC, you can activate your body and mind at the same time.

One of the greatest benefits of adult learning at CNC is that many programs are directed toward beginners.  Don’t worry if you cannot identify different pitcher plant or insect species – that’s where the fascination kicks into high gear.  Through learning, you can grow your knowledge at a beginner’s level.  All the naturalists at CNC had to start from scratch too!


Programs at CNC are not just learning opportunities but social opportunities.  In the modern world, it is all too easy to not socially engage with others as much as many of us would like.  At CNC’s Nature Club speaker series, the meetings begin with a potluck dinner where you can meet others with common interests.  Coming to Nature Club might start up a new friendship.  Perhaps you may find a new group of people to get outdoors with during your free time.  You never know what trail you will head down by learning with CNC.


Visit CNC’s website to see the adult programs CNC offers and never stop learning.

“Ancora Imparo – I am still learning” – Michelangelo at 87.