Connection to the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

Connecting People to Nature through Virtual Programming

By Andrea Hearn, Digital Media Coordinator

Did you know that Chattahoochee Nature Center has virtual programs that make it possible for us to bring the nature center to you? Virtual programs with CNC provide people of all ages the opportunity to meet live animals, see firsthand views of our ponds and river, and hone in on their Naturalist skills.

Led by CNC Naturalists, our virtual programs engage participants through the use of scientific skills such as observation, question asking, and using evidence to develop concepts. These experiences are a great way to connect to nature! Learn more about virtual programming with CNC and how it will enhance natural connections.

At the Chattahoochee Nature Center, it is our goal to connect people with nature whether you are around the corner, in another state, or even another country. We are proud to announce that CNC has now gone international! We have expanded our virtual programming by becoming a Content Provider for the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC). The CILC offers a window into a wide variety of virtual experiences in which students can actively participate in interactive learning and collaboration. They offer virtual programs from cultural organizations from all over the world including nature centers, museums, zoos, art galleries, and aquariums. Content Providers like us offer programs that clients can pick and choose from so that they can have access to the unique educational experience that they are searching for.

The programs that we will be offering virtually include Nature Journaling, Reptiles, Hunters in the Sky, and Engineered by Nature. Of over 100 Content Providers, CNC is the only one currently offering Nature Journaling, so we look forward to sharing this intriguing way of engaging with nature with all who will listen. In our Nature Journaling program, our students will embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery as they combine art, writing, and science to create a stronger connection to the natural world.

The reptile program will unravel the myths and misconceptions behind these cool, cold-blooded creatures. Students will get the chance to meet some of our resident reptiles including a gopher tortoise. We hope to educate our audience about why reptiles should be respected not feared in this exciting program.

In the Hunters in the Sky program, students will get up close with two of Chattahoochee Nature Center’s resident raptors, specifically a hawk and an owl. They will learn about these fascinating birds’ superpowers such as the owl’s night vision and stealthy silent flight and the hawk’s astonishing 120 mph flight speed and binocular vision.

The Engineered from Nature program will discover how to learn from the adaptations found in nature to construct solutions for human problems. They will have the opportunity to see one of our amazing resident raptors as they explore this fascinating concept. Find out more about the programs on the CILC website. 

Our first program since joining forces with CILC was for the Rutherford School in Edmonton, Canada. For this experience, one of our naturalists, Kitty Glickman, taught a lesson in nature journaling. The students enjoyed seeing the picturesque setting at Kingfisher Pond and were excited to see an up-close view of our turtles. They were enthusiastic and engaged as Kitty led them through her tips and tricks of nature journaling. In our evaluation, Alyssa Prouty, (the participating teacher) mentioned that her students were actively engaged, she came away with new ideas for teaching nature journaling, and that she would highly recommend this program to others.

We can’t wait to move forward as we expand the reach of our virtual programs so that we can continue to offer exciting and informative experiences to audiences that connect people to nature both near and far.