Making fairy houses and gnome homes a family affair

December 15, 2020

The Enchanted Woodland Trail, open through the end of February, has been a favorite winter activity for visitors at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. It provides an opportunity to slow down, get outside, and explore the winter woods. Finding each fairy house or gnome home keeps everyone moving along the trail and excited about the details they discover along the way. 

Camp Olson – Making Mischief Happen is a personal family camp where grandparents, parents, and grandchildren enjoy creating fun projects, going on field trips, and most importantly making lifelong memories together.

For the last two years designing and building a fairy house or gnome home has been a topic of conversation as each winter approaches. It took Camp Olson so long to finally take the plunge because they thought they were not artists! 

This year they resolved to start making plans and create the Camp Olson Enchanted Woodland Trail project!

Designing and building the Camp Olson fairy house and gnome home involved the entire family. The 4 kids decided to work on a “complex” of 3 homes and parents and grandparents helped along the way.

Through the construction phase there was plenty of chaos and mess, but there was also plenty of laughter and fun. Camp Olson wanted to let everyone know that it was well worth the effort to be a part of the Enchanted Woodland Trail and they can’t wait for you to find their houses in the woods!

Make sure to plan your visit today to explore the Enchanted Woodland Trail. You will find fairy houses and gnome homes along the trail that will encourage you to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the winter woods.