Renewed Love of Outside

Spending time in nature is important even as the seasons change

By Kitty Glickman, Visitor Services Associate
July 29, 2020

The past few months have been a new experience for all of us. There have been changes to the way we socialize, work, and attend school. For most of us, this finding a “new normal” has had its share of difficult and challenging moments. 

For some, social distancing and staying at home more has allowed us to fall in love with the outdoors again. 

At the Chattahoochee Nature Center, our mission is to “Connect People to Nature”.  All year long, we strive to help everyone, young and old, discover a love and curiosity for the natural world. This year, when many of us were stuck at home, the highlight of our day involved the outdoors. Our dogs were taken on lots of extra walks. Kids started riding their bikes again.  Sprinklers were set up in the front yard and exploring woods and creeks became cool again. Nature was there for us to help us cope with a stressful time, by providing us a place to go for exercise, play, stress relief, and learning.

As the summer moves along, we are approaching the start of a new school year. Whatever form school may take, let’s keep the outdoors and spending time in nature a part of our day. When the school and work day is done, don’t be tempted to sit in front of the TV. Instead, head outside to explore, play, take a walk, or ride your bike.  Have a picnic. Watch the sunset and afterwards maybe spy some late summer fireflies.  

School starting does not mean the end of having fun outdoors. Quite the opposite! Nature exploration and learning go hand in hand. For adults, spending time outdoors will still provide the much needed stress relief and exercise that helps to keep us healthy. Time spent in nature will strengthen not only the bond we have with the natural world, but also with each other. So as some routines may now be changing with the start of a new school year, keep the new love of being outside part of that routine too!