There’s No Place Like Home: Vulture Aviary Complete

Special Thanks to The Imlay Foundation

ROSWELL, GA – The Chattahoochee Nature Center is proud to announce the long-awaited completion of the vulture aviary. The previous aviary was over 20 years old, and for the safety of the birds, including protection from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), they have been off exhibit since August 2022.

Through the generosity of The Imlay Foundation, Barbara & Ed Taylor in honor of Claire Mills, the Choate Bridges Foundation, and many other special donations, the money was secured to rebuild the enclosure. The Turkey Vulture, who arrived in 1989 with wing damage, and the Black Vulture, who arrived in 2006 after being raised illegally as a pet, have been returned now that the finishing touches are complete.

On an annual basis, CNC receives over 700 rehabilitation cases and 3,500 inquiries about wildlife. The on-site staff and department volunteers work tirelessly to help the injured animals and return them to the wild, if possible. They receive no federal or state funds for their work and cannot charge a fee for their services as wildlife rehabilitators. However, donations are gladly accepted.

“Thanks to several generous donors and The Imlay Foundation, we received funding for the vulture aviary to be rebuilt,” says Wildlife Director Kathryn Dudeck. “This was especially timely because our resident non-releasable vultures are currently housed in caging, which we need for rehabilitation. With the busy season upon us, we need to get them back on exhibit soon.” She notes that Wildlife still requires funds to rebuild the Red-shouldered Hawk aviary and that “While they are off exhibit, they can be housed in a smaller enclosure than the vultures so we will not temporarily lose the federally required 100’ flight cage that allows us to rehabilitate eagles, vultures, and ospreys.”

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