Camp Kingfisher Summer 2020 Wrap Up

A Message to Camp Families

November 11, 2020
By Debby Head, Camp Director

I hope you all are finding time to enjoy the cooler weather and beauty that this season brings. After a roller coaster of a spring and summer it has been nice to slow down a bit and reflect on the 2020 camp season.

Summer 2020 was a wild ride. After a spring of uncertainty, lots of planning and modifications of our programing, to a summer that brought far less campers and weeks of camp that I have ever seen in my 30+ years at Camp Kingfisher, I’m proud to say we were able to host camp for the 2020 camp season.

To those families who attended camp in 2020 I want to send you a HUGE thanks, to you, for the amount of trust you put in us this season!

This summer was small but mighty! The campers who came to camp this summer were full of post quarantine enthusiasm and were just so happy to get out and do what they are supposed to do during the summer… be a kid. Moving archery out of the aftercare program proved to be a HUGE hit. All Barn Owls through Great Horned Owl campers got to try their hand at hitting a bullseye! This is certainly an activity we will continue for many seasons to come.

The staff of the 2020 summer season is one that I, as a camp director, will NEVER forget. Curve balls were thrown at them from the start of the hiring season (when the pandemic hit) and this is a staff that truly knocked it out of the park! They were committed to making sure the kids had an amazing time!

I myself cannot wait until we are all able to be back in a time and space when we can raise the camp flag and sing our hearts out at opening and closing amoeba. To when all 80 wild and crazy Barn Owls can play capture the flag. And when our Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls can end their overnight in front of a crackling fire. I look forward to having the Owlets back on the property getting to touch a snake for the first time and to hearing about the adventures of the Travel Program campers. We missed so many of you this summer season. For many of us the timing just wasn’t right, and that’s OK! However, I for one can’t wait for the timing to be right again! Summer 2020, for sure, was a summer for the books. And one that I, as a camp director, will never forget.

Planning for 2021 is underway and registration is just around the corner. We are looking forward to another great season in 2021 and we hope to see you there!

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