Hibernation isn’t just for the bears!

Learn more about what some mammals, reptiles and even insects in Georgia are up to this winter.

By Sarah Martin, Marketing Intern
October 10, 2020

Photo by Tracy Begley

Hibernation isn’t just for the bears! Did you know many animals and insects participate in this yearly ritual? Snakes, Eastern Box Turtles, frogs, woodchucks, and bumblebees are all examples of animals and insects that enter hibernation.

Hibernation is when some mammals, reptiles and even insects enter a yearly sleep that lasts all winter season. Although most critters engage in a form of hibernation, not all of them necessarily “sleep,” for the winter. Coldblooded animals, such as snakes and box turtles, tend to “brumate,” or become inactive for the season.

Turtles tend to bury themselves in the dirt for three to four months while snakes tend to brumate for weeks up to months during the winter season depending upon their location.

Hibernation is essential for the survival rate of certain insects, such as bumblebees. After the bumblebees long hibernation, spring welcomes new queens and worker bees thus beginning a new circle of life.

We can all learn from this yearly tradition of hibernation this winter by taking time for ourselves to rest during the busy holiday season!