Fairies move into a cello house along the Enchanted Woodland Trail


An abandoned child-sized cello that once belonged to a now world-renowned musician has been converted into a house by a family of woodland fairies along the Enchanted Woodland Trail. You can visit the Chattahoochee Nature Center and explore the trails to discover the cello house and many more fairy and gnome homes.

They use their magic to repurpose the notes that were locked inside the cello by years of diligent practice and send them back out into the world as hauntingly beautiful melodies that have never been heard before.

For many years, this particular patch of woods has been a favorite spot for composers and songwriters to stroll for inspiration. The fairies are very shy, though, so no one is aware of the true source of the notes.

Visit the Enchanted Woodland Trail to explore the woodland trails for the cello house and many more! Open daily December 12 – February 28.