Naturally Artistic Highlights Local Artists

Connecting Art and Nature

November 5, 2021

Visit CNC and enjoy Naturally Artistic, a homegrown exhibit that celebrates the connection between art and nature. You’ll enjoy creations from local artists, participate in making art, and be encouraged to see the world around you with a fresh set of eyes. This year we present 5 areas where you can get inspired and get your art on! Included with general admission and free to CNC Members.

>> Water-Powered Art (Coming soon!)

We partnered with Roswell Firelabs to create a beautiful mandala design – but, can you find it? Only water will unlock your ability to see this design, located near Beaver Pond. Visit on a rainy day and be surprised, or on a dry day, use the nearby water of the pond to discover the hidden art!

>> Heart-Powered Art

The Nature Exchange hosts our Envelope Exchange, where you can harness the power of your heart and leave messages of kindness to the earth. Need inspiration? Take a message someone else has left, and then leave your own for others too.

>> Sun-Powered Art

 Visit the sun-drenched windows of Nature Exchange where you can make your own fall-themed art that becomes more beautiful with the sun!

>> People-Powered Art

Can you imagine yourself with the wings of an eagle? Nature Exchange is where you will find artistic eagle wings where you can pose for a photo, and even add more feathers to help the eagle soar higher! Take your photo and tag us @chattahoocheenaturecenter #chattahoocheenaturecenter #getyournatureon #naturallyartistic

>> Wind-Powered Art

Watch artistic flowers dance in the wind, and look closely to see how creative
eco-artists made their sculptures – we hope you’ll find inspiration in all that you see. We’ve teamed up with local artists Michael and Katterina of Vamos Chicos Arts for art installations along Kingfisher Pond Trail. The works feature repurposed plastics and aluminum, as well as natural objects like leaves, sticks, and even seeds!

Artist Bio: Katterina Nangle, artist, and teacher is a native of Peru.  She has taught in many countries and also speaks German.  She studied Artes Plasticas in The PUC of Lima, Peru, and later earned her degree in Art Education from the Inter Americana University of Puerto Rico. She then taught preschool and grade school in the U.S. for 25 years. Five years ago she and her husband started their own company, Vamos Chicos Arts, which teaches her own style of eco-arts in after school programs in metro Atlanta. Katterina’s work reflects the passion she has for nature, color and design. Her primary materials are taken either from nature or from recycled items such as soda cans, water bottles or other plastics.

And lastly, stop by our “nature frames” as you head toward the Kingfisher and Beaver Pond intersection – these frames remind us that it’s all about perspective. What may be beautiful to you may be different from what someone else finds “frame worthy”. Slow down and take time to appreciate the beauty all around you, for inspiration is everywhere.

A few of our favorite partners and local art friends:

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance

Georgia Nature Photographers Association

Fulton County Arts and Culture

Roswell Arts Fund

Camera Class for Kids

Vamos Chicos Arts

Bach To Rock

Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance

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