Do you know the Box Turtles favorite thing to eat?

Enjoy catching up with this "fungi"

To catch up with the Box Turtle we took a trip to the woodland forest to track him down. He is so well camouflaged that it took a bit to find him, and he was answering our questions soooo slow that we asked him to email them to us. We knew that he needed to take his time. Check out below what he shared about Halloween Hikes and what he has been up to this year.

I am so sorry this took such a long time to get back to you. I’m such a slow typer, but I don’t have fingers and I rarely go backwards. I am excited to see you pursuing this effort and happy to share, in fact, I think its a shelluva-n-idea!

If you want to empathize with my predicament, you can read my responses very slowly.

/s/ Box Turtle


First of all, what do the other characters at Halloween Hikes call you?

My friends on the trail call me Turtle, but I answer to anything when mushrooms are offered.


Where do you hang out when not on the trails at Halloween Hikes?

This is a popular question from the little people on the Hikes. I always share with everyone that during the summer I travel to the Turtle Family Reunion.


A Box Turtle and his beloved mushroom

Why do you want to share your story at Halloween Hikes?

I think it’s better if I share my story instead of the skunk. She just wants to stink up the place and eat my youngsters.

Besides that, how would she know what to tell the Hikers about me? Or any of the other characters, for that matter.

If *I* tell my own story, I can be sure the hikers learn all the important things about me: I love mushrooms, I love the hikers, I love mushrooms, I’m a hider and proud of it, I love mushrooms, I like dry ground like the tortoise (he’s the one who beat the hare), I love mushrooms, I don’t like coffee, I love slugs too!, I need to be taken off the road and placed in the direction I am travelling, I love mushrooms, I may have an important date across the road.



How long have you been a part of Halloween Hikes?

With the Hikes coming up in a couple of weeks, for 27 years.

Who is your favorite other Halloween Hikes character to hang out with?

Howie Pollute is one of my favorites.


What do you do to get ready for your big nights?

Like any other day, after a day on the log, picking up some sunshine, I’ll grab a light dinner over at the unity garden, then I’ll meander over to my spot on the trail, do a little housekeeping, maybe take a quick nap, and then wait for the hikers to show up. Some of them are even slower than I am!


What is your favorite part of the evening?

When the hikers arrive, when the little people want to talk with me, when hikers bring me mushrooms!


What do you do after an evening on the trails at Halloween Hikes?

I enjoy a salad I make with the mushrooms, strawberries and slugs that people bring me! I love mushrooms, because I’m a “fungi” !!

Tell us your favorite joke!

Joke? I offer turtle truths!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Easter Box Turtle. There is much more that you can only hear at Halloween Hikes on the woodland trails! It is an evening you and your family do not want to miss.


Halloween Hikes at the Chattahoochee Nature Center

October 23, 24, and 30 | 6-10PM

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